On Unexpected Victories.

[in which Broad uses an overly long story about an obscure golfer to make a point. -Ed.]


So. This is Ben Clifford Curtis. In 2003, Ben Clifford Curtis won the Royal Golf Open. He was ranked 396th in the world, a 300-1 bet, playing up against Tiger Woods, Nick Faldo, Ernie Els, Greg Norman and other famous people whose names don’t actually mean anything to me. ANYWAY. He was the wildcard bet. He jumped to a rating of 35th in the world, and went home with MILLIONS & MILLIONS of pounds and a new hat and all sorts of stuff.

Why am I telling you this? BECAUSE IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU. Only without the golf, and the hat, and the millions of pounds. Probably. Ladies & gents, poets & spraffers, the Big Sexy Inaugural The Bongo Club with Rally & Broad present… The Bongo Poetry Slam! is one week away, and we will be holding open TWO WILDCARD PLACES on the night. Names in the hat, drawn before the first round.

Come down. Be a hero. Be like Ben. Yeah.

P.S – Presented as evidence below: Rally pulling the names for the 14 poets entered in the Slam!


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