Rally & Broad: End Of Term Party!

Good day, ladies and gentlespoons! It’s the end of the Rally & Broad term, and to celebrate and send off our first season in truly celebratory style, we’ve gone done booked some bloody awesome acts. Feast thy eyeballs on our line-up, get a pen, and write this in your homework diaries for FRIDAY 14TH JUNE: Must. Go. To. Rally. &. Broad! There will be great acts; there will be competitions; there will be prizes; there will be you, and her, and him and everyone you ever fancied. There will also be…

HANNAH JANE WALKER – Her poems are full of sharp edges and unexpected angles as well as warmth and empathy for her fellow humans.   They are funny and they’re simple and they’re complicated and they don’t know right from wrong sometimes. Come see her. As seen in the 2011 Fringe show “The Oh Fuck Moment” with Chris Thorpe. Aye, that one wot won a Fringe First, like. WE LOVES HER.

JONNIE COMMON – Jonnie Common is a Glasgow-based artist signed to Manchester’s Red Deer Club label. Jonnie’s 2011 debut LP ‘MASTER OF NONE’ was championed by radio lovelies Marc Riley, Lauren Laverne and Vic Galloway. He also has a hilariously brilliant tune about The Terminator. He is BRILLIANT.

PETER MACKAY – He’s rather good too. A writer and poet, don’t you know.

HIVA OA – Gloriously beautiful Edinburgh-based songsters.

RANGE OF THE AWFUL HAND – Tunes that will have you merrily swaying and swigging your ale.
Introducing an exciting new voice on the Edinburgh live-poetry circuit… AGNES TOROK.
Plus! Your cordial and congenial hosts, Ms Jenny Lindsay and Ms Rachel McCrum. It’s THE LAST ONE* DUDES. Get thee there! xxx

* Not ever. But for a wee while, like. And we’ll give you a punishment exercise if you’re late. 🙂

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