So, that’s it for the cabarets until October! We had a wonderful time at oor season send-off, showcasing the A+ talent of Range of The Awful Hand, Hannah Jane Walker, Agnes Torok, Jonnie Common (squeeeee!), Peter Mackay and Hiva Oa!! Our audience were also brilliant students, showing particular aptitude for the following of instructions in terms of excelling at Pictionary and interpretative sketching… 🙂

We have also appreciated reading the Rally & Broad report cards, which had some excellent suggestions for Next Steps, including “More. And Soon.” and “more costume changes,” which we will pass on to the Headie. We might even post some of the more brilliant reports, including the ones of our beautiful door staff, on here at some point. In the meantime, feast yer eyes on our End of Term Pics, courtesy, as per, of our Head Yearbook Producer, Chris Scott, who we personally have nominated for Dux this year. Have a cracking summer! Broad’s off sailing, and to do a rather exciting residency post in Greece. Rally’s going to go to the wilds of Scotland after finding the nearest bar-shack that will still allow her ale. Thank you to everyone. But especially you. Aye, you. xxx

audience 1 audience 2 audience 3 audience 4 audience 5 bits 1 range 1 hjw break boards audience 6 agnews 1 jonnie common peggy jonnie 2 door 2 door 3 pictionary 1 hosting pictionary 2 pictionary 3 pictionary 4 pictionary 6 us3 audience 7 peter audience 8 hiva oa noticing

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