To Buffy

For November’s cabaret, honouring our favourite Heroes + Antiheroes, we got the audience to help with a tribute to Buffy the Vampire Slayer…

WIth thanks to all who participated.



To Buffy*

You are a dust bustin’ ball breaker

You are brought back to life after leaping into the light

You are reluctantly tragically comically ever the hero

You are so badass you actually overcame the atrocious name Buffy.

You are proportionally more awesome the greater the Spike : Angel ratio

You are going to regret most of your decisions and friendships

You are the ponytail, Buffy, the mighty glorious ponytail of hellfury

You are Buff? On the cuff? Loaded with the stuff? Of love? Revenge? What then?

You are not enough for me (my first stalker looked like Buffy)

You shall not put your spike up my willow.

(You are Buffy, apparently, I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t paying attention 

and thought ‘Ooh! Free Post-it!’)

You are chirpy even as the world ends

You are the queen of high stakes

You are my favourite slayer.


* not necessarily in original order. Mainly because we mixed up the postits. And with some poetic license.

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