Who is Bob Stevens? (What Difference Does It Make?)

As part of our first show of 2014, we asked the audience to tell us their hopes/dreams/plans/visions/goals/resolutions/starry eyed hopes for the coming year.* We’re going to hold them to them all (and whatever difference it has made).




1. Bob Stevens [who? – Ed]

2. More fun, more spangle, less glumness. [Yes – R&B & Ed]

3. To figure out what Ed’s beard is shaped like (I approve this message – different handwriting). [Different Ed – Ed.]

4. Go to the Yoga. Do it. [DO IT – Ed.]

5. To write to Dave Gorman…again [Really? REALLY? Your use of that ellipsis would indicate even you aren’t sure of this one. -Ed] 

6. Write to Leonard Cohen before he dies of old age. Write to Scott Walker for some reason. Write to David Lynch (probably have more time). [Would you like to have dinner? I think I love you – Ed.]


8. Have a career OR baby [We are dismayed that this still has to be seen as an either/or choice. – R&B]

9. Violently confront the people that offend me [You’re all a bit feisty tonight. Is it because we ran out of chairs? – Ed.]


11. Publish a book.

12. Not to kill my psychotic boss. [That’s better…I think. – Ed]

13. Be less anxious. [Good luck, lovely person, whoever you are. Or still be it, but learn not let it stop you doing ANYTHING – Ed, R&B]

14. Hae a hoose!

15. Learn Fair Isle knitting

16. Find out what ‘Rally & Broad’ stands for.  [Never! – Ed]

17. Tour, tour, sleep, tour (also eat).

18. My New Year’s resolution is to start a revolution or 3 small fires. [No comment, but secretly, I’m applauding. – Ed]

2014-01-22 11.23.51

19. Remember I am an adult.

20. Remain a child.

21. Give Scotland a chance.

22. Make a +ve difference to the world.

23. To dye my hair like Rachel’s, and get a dress like Jenny’s, and to speak and sing like that guy in the 2nd act, and to find out where Rangoon is [Aw, thaannnnnnnnnnnks! – R&B…Stop sucking up to them, they don’t need any more compliments! Also – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yangon – Ed.]

24. Perform in public without looking like a deer in headlights [We find 18 fine ales/whiskies beforehand usually helps – R&B]

25. No more apologies! [Rally]

26. Radically change hair colour! [TICK – Broad! #nobleachfear]

27. Vote sensibly! [take a wild guess! -Rally]

28. Understand more about politics! [then vote sensibly – Broad]

29. Drink less! [Rally]

30. Dance more! [Broad]

31. Drink more whisk[e]y! [preferably on Islay, you old fuddies who say it ain’t for ladies – Rally & Broad]

32. Bob Stevens – find & marry [seriously…who? – Ed]


So there you go. We also can’t manage a year, so we’ll be checking in again in *June. And finally, whoever used their time instead to create this artistic observation of the night – we salute you.


See you in Feb!






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