Rally & Broad Take The Tron Mk III.

Wed 26th March, 830pm – 1030pm. The Tron Theatre (Vic Bar), Trongate, Glasgow. Tickets £5 – can be bought on the door or here: http://www.tron.co.uk/event/performance-poetry/

Da spring is sprung! Da grass is riz! Magnifico, no?

Glasgow my darlings, we’re back to you this month with some wonder, some glamour, some astonishingness and a very special guest all the way from Cape Town, South Africa…words, music and lyrical delight, as always. And a free glass of whiskEy. And us. Who’s in???

We bring you!



Kirstin Innes is a writer and arts journalist based in Glasgow. Her first novel, Fishnet, which is about sex work and sisterhood, will be published in spring 2015 by Freight and she’ll be reading from it tonight.






McGuire is a 31 year old thin Glaswegian man, touch giddy in the head, sometimes poet of mangled form and dirty prose, sporadic drummer, drunk grammarian, waffler, painter using crayons, lover, hater, learner, teacher, pedestrian, provocateur, wanderer, confronter of shadows, irritating whiner. He has produced a collection of poetry and short stories, Riddle With Errors with Clydeside Press, published his first pamphlet, Everybody lie down and no one gets hurt, with Red Squirrel Press, and is currently working on a third collection, combing poetry and short stories. He was a finalist in the BBC Fringe Festival Slam 2013, and performs widely in and around Scotland and the UK.






Kenyan singer-songwriter Genesee’s influences range from Odetta to Paul Simon, her enthusiastic people watching and the wayward souls of the great, grey city of Glasgow.



and special guest…TONI STUART!



Toni Stuart is a poetry writer, performer and developer based in Cape Town, South Africa. She is curator of Poetica at the Open Book Festival in Cape Town, a member of And Word Was Woman ensemble, and has developed programmes working with poetry and young people including Expression Session and I Am Somebody! Poetry is her medium, and through words she explores the quiet magic of life – those unspoken moments that often define us and make us who we are.

She’ll be in Scotland and Northern Ireland as part of the Commonwealth Poets United project (doing an exchange with oor Broad!), more of which can be read about here: http://commonwealthpoetsunited.com/

Twitter: @nomadpoet




Mine’s a rum + coke. See you there?


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