Lightbulbs & Bathtubs…The Eureka Moment, Glasgow!

Photographs from Rally & Broad: The Eureka Moment! at Stereo, Glasgow on Sunday 30 November 2014. All photos credited to Chris Scott – see his Flickr for the full set!

So. This month was all themed around Eureka moments, revelations, epiphanies and…er…lightbulbs. This meant the audience activity for this month (‘Come Learn With Rally & Broad!…’) asked folk to fill in a crossword about electricity, energy and so so […seriously? you guys are so very rock n’ roll…Ed.] and then…er…come up with a limerick. What we forgot to say was that you could then hand the poems in to get a shiny prize. So, no one handed them in. So, we thought we really had just bored the brains out of folk, and no could be arsed. We were so wrong. We found them all at the end. Yous really, REALLY put some work into this. You’re all damn fine people, and we are eejits. We will make amends. In the meantime…they’re printed below in all their glory (as accurate as we could make them..) Thank you! Thank you all!

love, R&B xx

C36A3289 C36A3322 C36A3477

There was a young man with a taste

For cooking with nuclear waste

For two years or three

He indulged, dearie me

Till the flesh fell from his face.


C36A3375 C36A3519 C36A3524

 Archy’s lady, in his bath, she lay

Giggling at her image’s golden ray

A voice called ‘Eureka!;

She couldn’t see the speaker

till he fell, translucent, where she lay.

(Siofra, Erfan, Elina, Laura)

C36A3406_ C36A3415 C36A3457 C36A3473

 There once was a girl called Lola

Who extolled the virtues of solar [panels]

Every cunt was like ‘oil!’

She’s like ‘naw, this joint’s gonna boil

think of the bears, polar!’

(Calum R)

C36A3492 C36A3582 C36A3604 C36A3627 C36A3635

 There once was a man with a power station

Who won a contract to frack the nation

He was the owner of INEOS

The cunt didn’t give a toss

Now Scotland will feel that sinking sensation.


C36A3650 C36A3657

There was a young woman whose goal

Was to burn up a shitload of coal

On the day she was paid

She bought a big spade

And dug a huge fucking hole.


C36A3689_ C36A3708 C36A3724 C36A4505

There once was a rod of plutonium

Who they thought they were renewable like a harmonium

But tidal and solar called

And said ‘You’re not renewable at all’

………………………………………………….. pandemonium.



And while not strictly a limerick, definitely worth an honourable mention…


Two girls on an adventure train to Glasgow

To watch + listen to the Rally & Broad Show

They said it’s about electricity

And its connectivity

And with a feeling that resonates in its simplicity

Eureka! To the measure of their get up & go

I say bravo!



Thank ye all, and see you on December 28th for ‘The Hangover Special!’


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