Rally & Broad: The Hangover Special!!


Sun 28th Dec: Stereo, Renfield Lane, Glasgow,

2.30pm doors.

nick-e melville/ ZARA GLADMAN & THE WEE TERRORS/

Sam Small/ LEO GLAISTER/ Becci Wallace!!


Picture the scene: it’s the 28th of December. You are mildly to majorly hungover, in a booze related or non-booze related sense. It might be quite cold. It might be pishing it down. Ye need comfort. Ye need company. Ye need some lyrical delight, is what ye need. So get yerself tae Stereo in Glasgow where Rally & Broad will be plying you with a range of hangover cures for all of the different kinds of hangover in existence. We’ve studied this very scientifically. Jammies-wearing encouraged. Duvets optional. Helping cure ye are….


nick-e melville!

Maker of found, visual and quasi-conceptual stuff. He was writer (not) in residence at HMP Edinburgh and is currently doing a PhD in creative writing at Glasgow University. His is a stiff hair-ae-the-dug.


Zara Gladman & The Wee Terrors!


Satirical genius and lyrical wonderment from ZG (aka Lady Alba) and her Wee Terrors. Theirs is a cherry soda and absinthe.


Leo Glaister!



Theatrical, poetical, energetic wordplay! His is an vodka & alka-seltzer.


Sam Small!



The unstoppable newcomer and founder of Inn Deep Poetry! His is an irn bru and a packet ae doritos…


Becci Wallace


…tae inspire and soothe ye through the December stresses. Hers is a honey and lemon brew.


Hosted by yer pyjama-clad hosts Jenny Lindsay and Rachel McCrum. Theirs is a gin and berocca.

Mon down fir tasty treats and lyrical delightfulness. Yours is whatever ye like …

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