2014: What A Year, What A Year…

BOUF! So, that was the year that was. Did ye all survive intact? We hope so. We very much hope so…

So, for Rally & Broad in 2014: 27 events, over 130 acts, much in the way of merriment, books, books, more books, poets, spoken worders, authors, tunes and the dancin’!

We started in January at The Counting House in Edinburgh with Don Paterson, Carly Brown and others for ‘What Difference Does It Make?’ and wrapped up the year with The Hangover Special at Stereo, Glasgow. We haven’t got oot oor jammies since! 🙂

We wanted to say a huge thank you to all the acts who have come and performed and played with us over the past year. It’s a huge privilege to be able to put on such glorious artists, and we’re particularly proud of being part of such a vibrant, thrilling arts scene in Scotland. We also want to say a huge, huge thank you to all who come and support Rally & Broad, month after month. It’s a real pleasure to see the familiar faces at oor shows (as well as welcoming the new ones)!

We are endlessly grateful for the support from Creative Scotland for the second  year but really, it is the audiences that make Rally & Broad happen. We’re so delighted […surprised…confused…confusedly delighted…] to be able to keep running the shows, two years and two months since we started. So…you keep coming, we’ll keep running them. Deal? Deal. Love to all of ye, and here’s to a glorious 2015. We hope it brings you everything you wish and work for.

See you in January for ‘The Apology Shop’ –  Friday 23rd in Edinburgh with Francesca Beard! Hector Bizerk! Emily Dodd! Christopher Willat! And Jess Smith! …. And Sunday 25th in Glasgow with Liz Lochhead! Loki & The Kartel! Kirsty Logan! Kevin Gilday! And Shambles Miller!

All the love and best,

Jenny & Rachel xx
See below for some of our highlights of the year! From our first Glasgow shows in the Tron, to running shows at StAnza, the Festival of Politics, Jura Unbound at the Edinburgh Internationl Book Festival, moving home to the Bongo Club and starting up in Stereo, Glasgow; hosting Kate Tempest’s book launch with the Scottish Poetry Library. #44 in The List’s Hot List for 2014. Rally got her political on, and the Broad went blonde (and back again). We asked Ye Dancin’? and We Walked The Line. It was a year.

Rally&BroadStockApril2014_MG_0254__ (1)Rally&Broad at Festival of PoliticsR&BJan2014Crowd ANIMarch2014 AprilR&B BroadMay2014 Feb2014Image HannahSilvaFeb2014 Harry2014June_MG_0907_MG_1022-Edit JackWebbApril2014 LakeMay2014 LeoCondieJune2014C36A2024 LizLTronJan2014 LukeMay2014 MayBongoLives MayR&B MayTolu R&BJan2014Crowd SianBevanFeb Rally&Broad at Festival of Politics Rally&Broad at Festival of Politics AidanMoffatNov2014 AnnelieseMackSept2014 BlankCanvasNov2014 DecR&B2014 HaileySept2014
KateTempestNov2014 KieranSeptGlasgow LeylaSept2014 LoudPoetsNov2014 R&BAmpersandCrowd R&BCrowdDec2014 R&BDecGlasgow StrangeBlueDreamsNov2014 ZaraGladmanDec2014 R&BFINAL

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