…Belongs To Us.

The story of last Friday’s Rally & Broad ‘Because the Night’ at the Bongo Club, presented to you in pictorial form. Hunners of photos because, well, it was rather special. And our 50th show. We were delighted to work with the Mental Health Foundation, to present the show as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. Yes. With huge thanks to Liz Cronin, Colin McGuire, Anneliese Mackintosh, Aidan Moffat and Kathryn Joseph (she of the rather spectacular side eye) and all the lovelies who attended.

All photos by Chris Scott.


C36A1292 C36A1416_ C36A1251 C36A1275 C36A1297 C36A1362 C36A1380 C36A1401 C36A1532 C36A1650 C36A1464 C36A1558 C36A1540 C36A1560 C36A1816__ C36A1652 C36A1622 C36A1640 C36A1598 C36A1617 C36A1680 C36A1681 C36A1869 C36A1767__ C36A1799 C36A1891 C36A1836

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