End o’ The Season Roundup…

Hullo, bonjour, ’boutye comrades.

We hope this finds you well. We can’t entirely believe it but the end of Season 3 of Rally & Broad approacheth (Friday 19th June in Edinburgh; Sunday 28th June in Glasgow). It’s been a helluva year, which really started proper with our special Ampersand Unbound at the Edinburgh International Book Festival last August.

This year, we launched our second monthly cabaret on Sunday afternoons in Glasgow (Stereo, we love yer); set up a sold out masterclass series exploring different aspects of spoken word and performance with proper incredible facilitators like Francesca Beard, Salena Godden, Harry Giles and Elspeth Murray; swanned about Scotland with workshops and shows from Wick to Dumfries & Galloway; helped A New International launch their stunning album ‘Come To The Fabulon’; saw Zara Gladman sing a song about crayfish to a room full of streaming faces in Dunbar; wore matching PJ’s (of course…) on stage for The Hangover Edition…ooo, check out the highlights below!

We’ll be doing a few things in August, with the Festival of Politics and Unbound at the Book Festival again (more on that later). We’re also waiting to hear on our next funding application (fingers, toes, knees, EVERYTHING crossed, please! We’ll be walking funny from now till the end of July…) and after that, will be able to tell ye more about what’s happening with Rally & Broad: Season 4. Oh, we’ll be back, by hook or by crook…and some things are gonna change….

In the meantime. Thank you so so much to all those who have performed, supported, danced, sang, given words and attended Rally & Broad over the past year. We couldn’t – wouldn’t – do it without ye and we love yer lots and lots. Yes, even Rally, with all her threats of shinkickings. Let’s have a pint sometime.

See ye soon,

Rally & Broad



Rally & Broad: Season 3! has seen the likes o’…

  • October – Bigmouth Strikes Again! With Inua Ellams, The Jellyman’s Daughter, Anneliese Mackintosh, Hailey Beavis & Toby Campion (Edinburgh), and Rachel Amey, A New International, Kieran Hurley, Leyla Josephine and Declan Welsh (Glasgow).

Dec4 Oct1 Oct2 Oct3

  • November – The Eureka Moment! With Loud Poets, Blank Canvas, Julia Taudevin, Dol Eoin Mackinnon and AJ McKenna (Edinburgh), and Aidan Moffat, The Strange Blue Dreams, Rosie Garland, Martin O’Connor and Chrissy Barnacle.

C36A1281__ C36A1445 Nov1 Nov2

  • December! Never Mind The FullStops Takeover/The Hangover Special! With Paula Varjack & Dan Simpson, The Black Diamond Express, Michael Pedersen & Chrissy Barnacle (Edinburgh), and nic e melville, Zara Gladman & The Wee Terrors, Sam Small, Becci Wallace and Leo Glaister (Glasgow).

C36A0443 C36A0622 Dec1 Dec3 C36A2024

  • January – The Apology Shop! With Francesca Beard, Hector Bizerk, Emily Dodd, Christopher Willatt and Jess Smith (Edinburgh), and Liz Lochhead, Bram E Gieben, Carly Brown, Kevin Gilday and Shambles Miller (Glasgow).
  • Nov3C36A4447 C36A4783 C36A5597 C36A5830 C36A5950 C36A6052February – Oh Bondage! Up Yours! With Salena Godden, Kirsty Law, Katherine McMahon, Graeme Hawley and Liz Cronin (Edinburgh), and Harry Giles, The Jellyman’s Daughter, Rose Ruane, Jim Monaghan and Genesee (Glasgow).

C36A0719 C36A0881 C36A0898C36A1341C36A1713 C36A1717 C36A2019 C36A2174

  • March – Dance While The Sky Crashes Down. With RM Hubbert, Alan Bissett, Lynsey May, Elyssa Vulpes and the 2015 Scottish Slam Champ [clue: it was Bram E Gieben] (Edinburgh), and Apocalypse Redux, No More Tiger, Hannah Jane Walker, Calum Rodger and Josephine Sillars (Glasgow).

C36A7970 C36A8030 C36A8033

C36A0197 C36A0115 C36A0037 C36A0497 C36A0288__

  • April – Can’t Buy Me Love! With Bella Hardy, William Letford, Emma Jane Unsworth, Freddie Alexander and Faith Eliott (Edinburgh), and Luke Wright, Jonnie Common, Kirstin Innes, Katy Hastie and The Creative Martyrs (Glasgow).

C36A2029 C36A2274 C36A2383 C36A2538 C36A2631

C36A5742 C36A5849 C36A6084 C36A6126

  • May – Because The Night (in association with the Mental Health Foundation). With Aidan Moffat, Kathryn Joseph, Anneliese Mackintosh, Colin McGuire and Liz Cronin (Edinburgh), and Caroline Bird, Alan Bissett, The Last September, Marianne MacRae and Hailey Beavis (Glasgow).

AnnelieseMackintosh C36A1275 C36A1362 C36A1681 C36A1799

C36A8895 C36A8960 C36A9084 C36A9301

And…cheers. xx


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