We sigh a little…

Final photos from Season 3! It’s been one helluva year. Watch this space for news of upcoming things in August and beyond…but in the meantime, feast your eyes on last month’s beauties. Thank you to all who have come and listened and watched and played with us. We are very, very grateful.  xx

Ev’rytime We Say GoodBye…The Bongo Club, Edinburgh with Ross Sutherland, Withered Hand (Dan Willson), Hannah Silva, Ryan Van Winkle and Caro Bridges on Friday 19th June; Stereo, Glasgow with AL Kennedy, Findlay Napier, Kirsty Logan, Michael Pedersen and Maud the Moth on Sunday 28th June.

C36A1545 C36A1564 C36A1552 C36A1579 C36A1614 C36A1695 C36A1700_ C36A1718 C36A1755 C36A1769 C36A1848 C36A1884 C36A1902 C36A1673 C36A1926 C36A1977 C36A1990 C36A2049 C36A2104 C36A2000 C36A2158 C36A2189 C36A2203 C36A2207__

C36A5945 C36A5941 C36A5977 C36A6013 C36A6045 C36A6111 C36A6077 C36A6078 C36A6136 C36A6155 C36A6162 C36A6185 C36A6199 C36A6215 C36A6241 C36A6243 C36A6247 C36A6254 C36A6292__

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