Solo shows from Jenny & from Rachel in August… with new collective SHIFT/!

Rally & Broad aka Jenny Lindsay and Rachel McCrum are presenting their very first solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. As part of new spoken word collective SHIFT/, they will be performing three shows each at Summerhall in August (930 – 1030pm, Cairns Lecture Theatre). On Tuesday 11th, 18th and 25th, Rachel will be performing ‘Do Not Alight Here Again’, exploring crossings, sailing, borders, salt, appetite, fathers, women, colonialism, home, and grief; on Wednesday 12th, 19th and 26th, Jenny will perform ‘Ire & Salt’, a thought-provoking story about love, autonomy and the search for personal and political empowerment. Tickets are £6, and are on sale now from the Summerhall Box Office or online here:



‘Do Not Alight Here Again’ – Rachel McCrum (part of SHIFT/)

  • 11/15/25 August. 930 – 1030pm, Cairns Lecture Theatre, Summerhall. £6. Tickets available online here.


‘Wander far. Be better than us.’

Crossings, sailing, borders, salt, appetite, fathers, women, colonialism, home, grief.

Poet and performer Rachel McCrum’s debut show explores coming to terms with life in a country when you only – sort of – come from there.

‘deep emotional punch’

‘The sense that this is the perfect way to say something is never far off.”
(Poetry Scotland)

On ‘Do Not Alight Here Again’ [Stewed Rhubarb Press, 2015]

‘a wide-ranging collection that touches on homeland, national identity, and the ways in which those inform love, poetic practice, and political participation..a highly successful pamphlet about journeying to find one’s place.’
(Sabotage Reviews)

‘Ire & Salt’ – Jenny Lindsay (part of SHIFT/)


“What would I know, darling? I’ve always been the plot device for someone else’s story…”

Part memoir, part fiction, Ire & Salt is a thought-provoking journey about love, autonomy, camaraderie, alienation, and a search for personal and political empowerment.

Set to the back-drop of the Scottish referendum campaign, and in conversation with a re-imagined Julia from Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, Ire & Salt is the debut devised show from prolific spoken word poet and promoter, Jenny Lindsay.

Containing work written in response to the Scottish referendum campaign, as well as drawing on real-life events and the current political landscape, this show explores the point where the personal and the political meet.

On Ire & Salt

“A complex work… Full of power.” (Saboteur Reviews)

On previous work

“Full of hope, humanity and humour. She writes defiantly, eloquently and inspiringly.” (Andrew Eaton-Lewis, The Scotsman)

“A distinctive voice with fire and passion.” (Scottish Review of Books)

And a little more about SHIFT/ Collective …


SHIFT/ Collective is a new powerhouse in spoken word in Scotland. Described by the Skinny as ‘a Wu-Tang of Scottish spoken word’ (really!), and comprising of a gang of spoken word pals who wanted to move things on a bit, support one another and share the workload and terror and exhilaration of an Edinburgh Fringe show, and always have drinking partners, and see what we could do…And take a different night of the week to do it on. So! Without further ado, the SHIFT/ crew are…

  • Mondays: Sam Small with ‘Love & Other Drugs’
  • Tuesdays: Rachel McCrum with ‘Do Not Alight Here Again’
  • Wednesdays: Jenny Lindsay with ‘Ire & Salt’
  • Thursdays: Rachel Amey with ‘Peacock Blue’
  • Fridays: Harry Giles with ‘Drone’
  • Saturdays: Ali Maloney with ‘Hydronomicon’
  • Sundays: Bram E Gieben with ‘Ex Nihilo’

All tickets are £6, and each show is 930 – 1030pm at the Cairns Lecture Theatre, Summerhall. More details on SHIFT/ and on the individual shows here, and tickets available online HERE.

Whatcha waiting for???

See ye in August. Have a lovely July.


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