The Ampersand Sessions – PICTURES!

February was a glorious month here at R&B HQ! 19 individual artists; 9 unique collaborations AND the marvelous Emma Pollock who treated us to an excellent set of tunes from her new album In Search Of Harperfield!

Pictures or it didnae happen… Check out the full set on our Facebook page, courtesy of resident R&B literary paparazzo Chris Scott!


C36A4403.jpgC36A4534.jpgHailey Beavis & Faith Eliott!!

C36A4641.jpgRachel McCrum and Jonathan Lamy!

C36A4748.jpgRally & Broad!

C36A4738_.jpgNo… Wait…. Rally & Broad!

C36A4803.jpgRussell Jones & Atzi Muramatsu!!

C36A4846.jpgBella & The Bear!

C36A4465.jpgThese smiling people (who always win the raffle 😉 )

C36A5036__.jpgMiracle Glass Company!!

C36A5249_.jpgRally & Broad & Broad & Rally!

AND IN GLASGOW! (In a temporary new home for the month at The Old Hairdressers!)


C36A5380.jpgChrissy Barnacle & Malachy Tallack!

C36A5492.jpgC36A5526.jpgKatie Ailes & Catherine Wilson!!

C36A5631.jpgHeir Of The Cursed & Jenny Lindsay!!

C36A5734.jpgRally & Broad!

C36A5796.jpgC36A5880__.jpgEMMA POLLOCK!

And then we were done 🙂 Thanks for coming, pals! Check out our shiny line-ups for March – announcements coming sooooooooooon! xxx R&B xxx

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