Future Projects from Jenny & Rachel (aka Rally & Broad)

In which Rally (Jenny Lindsay) and Broad (Rachel McCrum) let you know what they’re going to be up to, now that Rally & Broad is drawing to a close. The final tix are flying out the door, pals – Edina  is sold out in advance (but with a limited number available on the door): there are still a few left for Glasgow on Sunday 19th June, with AL Kennedy, A New International, Jonnie Common, Colin McGuire, Roseanne Reid and Georgia Barlett-McNeil!

Once More, With Feeling! Oh yes… xx



Jenny Lindsay

perry jenny pic

I’m delighted to announce my new spoken word project Flint & Pitch Productions! (See more at www.flintandpitch.com)

While July will be a month of glorious rest (aside from a wee trip to Latitude to perform solo show ‘Ire & Salt’, which I doubt will be restful really), August will see the first of these productions – a small-scale ‘Presents’ show for the Festival of Politics, and a glorious launch event and Revue show on Sun 28th August at the Edinburgh International Book Festival as part of the Unbound programme (line-ups out sooooon!)

At the moment, these events will be taking place on an irregular basis but I’m hoping to make them a more regular thing in time! But! With guaranteed events in August, September, October AND the first Lyceum Variety Night coming up in November, Flint & Pitch is off to a flying start! Follow @flintandpitch and ‘Like’ on Facebook for upcoming announcements!

Aside from producing and promoting events, my own work is getting a right-guid blast this summer too! I’m planning a wee holiday to, er, Glasgow and Ayrshire, for a solid couple of weeks of writing up all the bits n pieces of the novel “The Immortality Project” that I’ve been tentatively writing for about seven months now, and also adding to the work for my next solo show, Brodie, which is about teaching. I performed 20 mins of Brodie at the Declaration Festival this March, and was really pleased with how it went down so I’m hoping to finish that by the end of the year. It’s the culmination of a lot of research (and my own time teaching in secondary schools between 2011 – 2014) into the experience of young, newly qualified teachers in Scotland, something I’ve wanted to write about for ages.
I’m also looking forward to inappropriately timed drunken Skype chats with that Rachel McCrum over the summer too….. 😉


Rachel McCrum


The biggest thing that I’ll be working on is my very first full collection, to be published by Freight in 2017. Which feels exciting and terrifying. Time to take a wee step back from running around and see where all these words have been going. Cos there have to be poems, right?? I’ll be working on that during the summer, and in France in November. As the manuscript takes shape, I also want to see how it might be turned into my next solo show (womens’ voices will feature!), hopefully for a Scottish/UK tour in summer 2017.

The thought of not being involved in building things with other folk makes me a bit twitchy though. I’d possibly go a wee bit mad. So two other projects taking shape for the next year…

The first is a project called ‘cinepoems’ with Quebecois poets/filmmakers Jonathan Lamy and Genevieve Gosselin-G, and Glasgow poet Calum Rodgers. I’ve become fascinated by filmpoetry as a medium in the last year – how portable, flexible, translatable, shareable it is. I’d love to help bring a bit of this internationalism to Scotland, and to find new ways for Scotland to share its poetry with the rest of the world. Watch this space…particularly for October when we’ll be bringing at 48 filmpoem hunt to Glasgow! You can find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/cinepoems/

Secondly, I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with artists Julia Taudevin and Anna Porubcansky on a new project all about women’s voices – how, where, when we use them, to sing a landscape, to find something primal and powerful and playful in using them…coming in Winter/Spring 2017! (#monstrousregiment) 

Who are we kidding? I’m mainly going to spend time wearing a top hat, drinking gin, and sobbing at old photos of Rally & Broad.

Best of days, chum. Best of days.




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