Pals & Partners

Rally & Broad is mainly run by Jenny Lindsay and Rachel McCrum, our alter-egos. They come up with all oor line-ups, book all the acts, admin all the admin side of things that are necessary but not really very exciting, spraff widely about oor shows (which is the exciting bit), occasionally buy us nice frocks to wear on stage, and fill in the odd funding application while chain-smoking, but really, they couldn’t do it without some truly splendiferous support from some other fine people. So we thought we’d get a rapturous round of applause for the folk who don’t get on stage and spraff, without whom several things just wouldnae happen!

Chris Scott, Literary Paparazzo!

chris scott

Chris has been with us since our very first event, way back in October 2012. (Bloody hell, how are we still alive?  – Broad. Biscuits – Rally.) He snaps every event we do, documenting all the acts and also feeding us aforementioned biscuits from time to time. We’re thoroughly grateful to him. The latest in a line of photographers reaching back four generations, Chris has been wielding a camera one way or another for most of his life.  Going digital meant that he could spend ever more time frenetically capturing people and events. These days he is likely to be found wherever culture is happening and in need of remembrance. Check out his other work here too: Chris Scott

Cameron Foster, Designer!


In Cameron’s own words: “To meet Cameron you might think he was a Sagittarius but in fact he’s a Gemini. The benefit of no artistic training whatsoever allows him to pass the savings on to his unsuspecting customers who include Rally & Broad, LeithLate, Kirsty Law and The Saltire Society. With prices starting at rum he is the go to choice for anyone who can’t afford a proper graphic designer.” In our words: he is bloody guid, likes. Hit him up if yer needing a designer – his patience knows no bounds… 🙂

Josephine Sillars – Promotions Assistant, Glasgow!


Josephine Sillars is a singer-songwriter originally from the Highlands but now based in Glasgow. Since 2010, Josephine has played many esteemed venues and festivals throughout the UK including, Belladrum, Eden Festival, The Oran Mor, Hootananny’s (London) as well as gigs across Europe, most notably in Amsterdam and Sweden. She was recently featured STV’s The Riverside Show, BBC One, and on the showcases for XpoNorth and the Scottish Alternative Music Awards. As of September 2015, Josephine was also made a Youth Arts Ambassador (Glasgow West) for Young Scot and Creative Scotland, and she will be launching her latest single in King Tuts on December 17th. Josephine likes eating cereal and watching Rick and Morty, and she dislikes lectures that start before 11am. She is delighted to be working on Rally & Broad Season 4! (photo credit: Emily Wylde)

Margarida Jorge, Event Assistant, Edina!


Dedicated zinester, radiohead and collage maker. Part-time chocolate jedi, full-time dragon keeper, all-round community handywoman. Can often be found in the deep end of Tollcross plotting for trouble & merry-making. More here: Margarida has been with us for the last two years, cheering up the door and generally making sure our heids don’t explode. LOVE!

Katy MacDougall, Event Assistant, Edina!

katy mac

Katy is a full-time Support for Learning Teacher, and – with such energy as is left after a week’s cajoling, insisting, planning, fixing, soothing and (lovingly) nagging – sometime evening and weekend volunteer with the Forest collective, where she was introduced to Broad and Margarida, and so in turn to Rally and the delights of their spoken word cabaret. In a previous guise, she has sold tickets for many lovely and wondrous events, and stood Front of House listening to the muffled sounds of performances from which the audience has reeled, giddy, eyes sparkling, hearts filled up with what they have seen, and so is particularly excited that, at Rally and Broad, the Box Office gets to see the show. (We wouldn’t have it any other way! – R&B)

Katy Hastie, Event Assistant, Glasgow!


Katy Hastie is a writer, performer, reviewer, editor and tutor doing a PhD at Glasgow Uni in creative writing and literature. She writes short stories, essays, experimental poemy-type things and is working on a novella.  She’s looking forward to returning to her smiley spot on the door meeting the punters, more music magic, more wordy wonders and the incredulous glee of watching Rally and Broad stretch a pun into a raffle prize.

Eva Doherty-Roe, Event Assistant, Glasgow!


We’re delighted to welcome Eva to Team Glasgow, so we asked her a whole bunch of pertinent questions. Here are the answers!

“I’ve been living in Glasgow for two years now, but I grew up in the small city of Derry. Living here is boss, I really appreciate  the creative culture of Glasgow –  it’s pretty inspiring. Here’s some essential information about me:
I study Film and French, and I hope to be Brigitte Bardot when I grow up. I draw personalised walruses for all occasions. I try to write a haiku every day. I make mash potatoes to unwind. I spent my 15th birthday at a Scrabble tournament in which I came dead last. The ‘friend’ I relate to most is Chandler Bing. When asked for a comment for this piece, my pal Martina said, “You’re good banter”. I’m looking forward to the new season with Rally & Broad!”


As well as the monthly cabaret shows in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Rally & Broad has produced events and partnered with the following organisations: Westport Book Festival, Festival of Politics, Edinburgh International Book Festival, Wigtown Book Festival, Literary Dundee, BIG LIT (Dumfries & Galloway), Dunbar Science Festival, Unique Events, StAnza, the Tron in Glasgow, Bongo Lives!,  Leith Late, Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, Luminate, and Homecoming (with Eleven Events and the Scottish Year of Homecoming).

They have delivered joint workshops in performance and poetry at secondary school level with Moniack Mhor, the Scottish Poetry Library and Wigtown Book Festival.

Rally & Broad have also hosted events for the Saltire Society and The List Hot 100 Party in 2015.


Creative Scotland



  • The Bongo Club (Edinburgh):
  • Stereo (Glasgow):




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