Epiphanies & Revelations…The Eureka Moment, Edinburgh!

Photos from Rally & Broad: The Eureka Moment! at The Bongo Club, Edinburgh on Friday 21st November 2014. All photos by Chris Scott. The full set can be found on his Flickr!

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Six Questions for….Loud Poets!

Loud Poets will be featuring at Rally & Broad ‘The Eureka Moment!’ on Friday 21st November, The Bongo Club, Edinburgh. Doors at 7pm, show at 730pm. Tickets £5, on the door.


To get you acquainted with them and their mission, we thought we’d ask them some questions…

1.Why Loud? Why Poets?

“LOUD” – The word ‘poetry’ brings up certain connotations in peoples’ heads. These include (but are not limited to) cardigans, moustaches, monotone drones, sappy feelings, and boring, long-worded descriptions of meadows. So we thought “Loud” got across the message that our shows might not be what you’d expect.

“POETS” – For those of us who see a lot of spoken word, we know this isn’t (usually) the case and we didn’t want to deny the fact that we are poets/we love poetry/poetry is awesome.

Besides, “Loud Bananas” would just be misleading.

2. How Legion are you?

“Loud Poets” is a monthly night aiming to make poetry more accessible and exciting to the general public. Any acts that get booked for our nights are, therefore, Loud Poets. There is also around 15 or so poets who regularly write/perform with us, help organise the events and plan for future adventures, but when we are booked to perform as “Loud Poets”, it will usually be some combination of Kevin Mclean, Agnes Torok, Doug ‘Dark Horse’ Garry and MiKo Berry.

3. What’s the plan?

Right now, we’re working on a new 4 piece poem and a UK tour. More immediately, I plan to have a beer and a pretzel.

4. Where’s the best place poetry has taken you?

Well, in June this year, it took MiKo to Paris to compete in the World Slam Championships (he only came 4th. He’s a big disappointment to us all), and he also slammed at the Royal Albert Hall. Kev, MiKo and Ages all performed at Wickerman Festival in July and doing our Fringe run was amazing.

On a more soppy note, Poetry has taken us all to a better place than we were before it, filled with new passions, great friends and lots of excuses to go the pub. This place right here?.. It’s pretty cool!

(Note: No one knows where poetry has taken Doug…. *whispers* dark horse!)

5. Where’s the worst place poetry has taken you?

You do some pretty odd gigs as a poet. Between us we’ve done bingo halls, heavy metal concerts and judging slams where only one person signed up.

6. Tell us your Eureka! Moments…

Poetry is like music – there are many different genres but so many people out there only know the kind of poetry they get force fed at school. We try to do something different.