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Introducing….The Anti-Slam Slammers!

 – Rally & Broad: The Takeover Editions #1 –

Fri 18th Dec, The Bongo Club, 66 Cowgate, Edinburgh 7pm.

£6 on the door, £5 in advance. Tickets  – here

(NB: Here is a picture of a mic, close-up. It is MANDATORY to accompany all articles on poetry slams with such an image. MANDATORY, WE SAY….) mic

We all know the importance of the Poetry Slam. Multiple poets, battling it out for lyrical glory and the perfect 10 marks from the judges, for everything from a book token to a place in the Scottish National Slam Championships. Maker of spoken word careers, breaker of egos and hearts, the slam is an integral and important part of any poetry ‘scene’….

And oh, how infinitely open to satire….. Which is exactly what The Anti-Slam, brain-child of London-based duo Paula Varjack & Dan Simpson do!


Epiphanies & Revelations…The Eureka Moment, Edinburgh!

Photos from Rally & Broad: The Eureka Moment! at The Bongo Club, Edinburgh on Friday 21st November 2014. All photos by Chris Scott. The full set can be found on his Flickr!

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‘The Eureka Moment!’ – Edinburgh, Friday 21st November

Rally & Broad ‘The Eureka Moment!’ – Friday 21st November. The Bongo Club, Cowgate, Edinburgh. Doors at 7pm, show starts at 730pm sharp! £5.

And lo, the story goes, In ancient Greece, the young polymath Archimedes was having a bath. The local tyrant Hiero, in order to determine if a golden wreath offered to the gods had been replaced by one of gilt covered silver by a cheating goldsmith had set Archimedes a challenge: find a way to test if the wreath was genuine or fraud. Being an arrogant young buck, he had accepted the gauntlet thrown […I’m pretty sure they didn’t have gauntlets in Ancient Greece. Ed] and got stuck.

Procrastinating wildly as these creative types are wont to do […this is just becoming speculation now. Ed [Shut up, Ed, this is creative license. Broad]], Archimedes decided some personal grooming might help. On lowering himself into the gently steaming water, with a fine view over the Aegean […oh for goodness sake. Ed], Archimedes noticed that the further his body went into the water, the more was displaced, thus making the displaced water an exact measure of his volume. Reasoning that gold weighed more, weight for weight, than silver, he realised that a crown made of silver would have to be bulkier than one made of gold, and would therefore displace more water than one made of pure gold. So excited that he forgot where he was (or didn’t care), having experienced the pure rush and exhilaration of a new discovery, he jumped out bollock naked, ran around in circles […I give up. Ed]  screaming with joy ‘Eureka! Eureka!’ Aka (sortof) ‘I have found it’

[Cribbed, with apologies, from http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/fact-or-fiction-archimede. It may in fact be total nonsense. But it’s a great story]

To the acts!

Celebrating those moments of joy, discovery, invention and epiphany with us are…



Truly unique Edinburgh-based poetry collective, founded by Scottish Slam Champion Miko Berry, and top-notch performers Kevin McLean (BBC Slam finalist) and Doug Garry.




“A melding of choppy urgent percussion, thick driving bass that sits way out in the front of the mix, honed guitar riffs, and smooth vocal lines belting pensive lyrics.” Beat of Travel



AJ Taudevin - Writer Pictures

Widely recognised as one of Scotland’s most exciting new theatre-makers and performers. “Taudevin is fast emerging as one of the most exciting forces in Scottish theatre.” (Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman)




Acclaimed singer songwriter, actor and film maker. His creativity in both Gaelic and English extends beyond any one genre and as a performer he is one of the most exciting Gaelic talents and voices in Scotland.



10314725_592231494223623_4346354219779705605_n (1)

AJ McKenna describes herself as “a fat trans lesbian known mainly for shouting at people about death threats, hair removal cream and public toilets.” We think she’s braw. She’s published two pamphlets – A Lady of A Certain Rage and names and songs of women; an album – …the gunshots which kill us are silenced; and performed at Jawdance, Jibba Jabba, Other Voices and many other venues. Her film ‘Letter to a Minnesota Prison’ was one of five commissioned by Apples and Snakes, and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, and shown at the Royal Festival Hall to mark the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech.

Spoken word is a field often better titled ‘accidental activism’, with the power to change the way people think about things. AJ McKenna is an intentional activist, one of those rare writers capable of making even British audiences launch to their feet with an ever so polite “f*ck yeah”. Her intelligence is rare, her eloquence is almost unparalleled, her poems are crucial.’ –Sophia Walker, BBC Slam Champion


Phew. See you at the front!? Ours is a honey mead.