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The Ties That Bind…Oh Bondage! Up Yours! at Stereo, Glasgow

Rally & Broad had one of its spraffiest, gobbiest weekends yet, with Oh Bondage! Up Yours! Celebrating all things unchained, liberated, unrestrained and flying free in Stereo, Glasgow on Feb 22nd with Harry Giles, The Jellyman’s Daughter, Rose Ruane, Jim Monaghan and Genesee. There was an Ode To A Buttplug. We’re just saying. xx

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Rally & Broad present…Oh Bondage! Up Yours! (the Glasgow edition)

Sunday 22nd February, Stereo, Glasgow. Doors open at 230pm. £5. With Harry Giles, Jellyman’s Daughter, Rose Ruane, Jim Monaghan and Genesee. And with a special DJ set from the TYCI crew upstairs afterwards! 

Bikini Kill

Continuing our celebration of all things untied and free in Glasgow, we are extremely proud to be presenting the following wonders of words, art, music and everything in between…



Harry Giles is a truly innovative writer, performer, poet and theatre-maker. He is the author of Visa Weddings and Oam (both from Stewed Rhubarb Press) and he was also shortlisted for the inaugural Edwin Morgan Award in 2014. Giles’s work is inherently political, and he states “To me, feelings are not a soft form of politics: they are hard, edgy, scary and potent. I am trying to use disruptive action, satire and discussion to drive a wedge into political moments, opening a space for audiences to think, feel and act.” A must-see act.



“The Jellyman’s Daughter sound like they’ve come down from the same cold mountain as The Civil Wars or Grammy-winning duo Robert Plant and Alison Krauss… [Graham] can make his instrument as percussive as a drum, as grounded as a bass or as sweet as a fiddle… when Kelly and Coe sing together, their harmonies squeeze the heart.” (The Herald)



Glasgow-based theatre-maker whose work explores the divide between our private and our public identities.



Poet, performer and winner of the inaugural Festival of Politics poetry slam (2013).




Kenyan-born troubadour rapidly gaining notice for her haunting and lyrical performances.

See ye at the front? Our is a vodka and liberation. 😉