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Rally & Broad Artwork, from Jenny Soep!

We were absolutely delighted to welcome artist Jenny Soep to join us at Rally & Broad ‘We Could Be Heroes’in Edinburgh on Friday 22nd April. Jenny is an alternative documentary artist and illustrator, creating images live during shows, spectacles and events. You can see some more of her work here:

Over the course of the show, she created original images of the artists Salena Godden, Supermoon, Tim Turnbull, Lucy Ribchester, Josephine Sillars and Rally & Broad (aka Jenny Lindsay and Rachel McCrum). Read on for how to order…

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‘We Could Be Heroes’ – Edinburgh

‘We Could Be Heroes’ – Friday 22nd April, The Bongo Club, Edinburgh. Tickets £6 on the door or £5 in advance here. With…Salena Godden! Supermoon! Tim Turnbull! Lucy Ribchester! Josephine Sillars!


Put on your red shoes, you pretty things, and let’s dance with the sailors. We could be heroes. We can be heroes. April’s Rally & Broad is celebrating all of our heroes – not just Bowie, although we loved him dearly. Those leggings from Labyrinth were responsible for all sorts of awakenings chez Rally and chez Broad, not to mention a lifetime’s education in eyeshadow application. But sometimes, it’s time to raise a glass and salute our heroes, inspirations and aspirations…

Joining us onstage, all heroes in their own right!


Rally & Broad present…On Bondage! Up Yours!

Friday 20th February, The Bongo Club, Edinburgh. Doors at 7pm, £5. With Salena Godden, Kirsty Law and Band, Kevin Williamson, Graeme Hawley and Liz Cronin.


Little girls should be seen and not heard…

This February, Rally & Broad is celebrating all things smashy smashy, throwing off the ties that bind and the chains that weigh us down. Everyone, everywhere, rise up and get down. No nonsense now, let’s boogie…

Joining us for the revolution are…



Poet, performer and author of acclaimed memoir Springfield Road, Godden is a UK spoken word powerhouse whose writing is “urgent and detailed; colourful and clamorous.” (The Times)


With songs from new album Shift, Scots singer-songwriter Kirsty Law and her band (Rona Wilkie & Marit Falt) are a captivating live act. “’Beautiful and feisty… it’s a joy to hear a young singer and writer in Scots with such earthy and conversational character to her singing and songs… a young musician doing things her own way’ (Karine Polwart)



Founder of Rebel Inc, and co-producer of Neu Reekie, Williamson is a poet, author, publisher and cultural activist whose previous works include Drugs and The Party Line and In A Room Darkened.




A former Scottish Slam Champion and writer of witty, poignant verse, Hawley is a regularly performing poet in Edinburgh and programmer of the TriColour poetry events at the National Library of Scotland.




Liz Cronin’s darkly comic and kidding-on-the-square lyrical content is known for eliciting a range of emotional responses from her audience. In Rally & Broad’s case, the emotional response is sheer awe. We love her, and we’re delighted to have back to the stage.

Phew. See you at the front? Ours is a sledgehammer, and a bag of salt and vinegar.


A New Project from Rally & Broad!

Rally & Broad launches The Masterclass Series! With two fantastic workshops from Francesca Beard and Salena Godden!


Hello! We hope that your New Year has started with a magnificent bang/serene awakening/massive breakfast/as you will.

We’ve got an exciting new project trialling over the next two months, and we wanted to let you know all about it. In January and February, two of our feature poets (Francesca Beard and Salena Godden) will be offering masterclasses in various aspects of spoken word and performance poetry. On Saturday 24th January (12 – 3pm), Francesca will be focusing on how to build a live set, offering an insight into how to engage a live audience. On Saturday 21st February (12 – 3pm), Salena will be focusing on writing and performing memoir; including how to walk the line between the private and the public when performing or reading in a live setting.

Salena Godden

These workshops will be part of a six month masterclass series, aimed at anyone interested in developing their skills, whether this is as someone building a practices in spoken word, an author looking to develop their reading abilities, or for newcomers looking to explore all aspects of spoken word. Although developed as a series, any one workshop will be a fantastic development opportunity.


The workshops are £8 each in advance, or £10 on the day. We are also offering a special price of £15 if both workshops are booked in advance. To book a place, click here:


We hope to see you there. Happy 2015!

Rachel & Jenny